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May 13 2015


Important Tips to Use 220 Volt Plug Adapter

 A 220 volt plug adapter might be needed when you travel outside the U.S./Canada. Here are some helpful tips for using them:

1. Check the hertz of your device
Before converting your electronic device from 110V to 220V, check the frequency (hertz) of it. You might have to choose an adapter that works on various frequencies. If you don’t do that than your electronic device could work slower.

2. Converters are not needed for heat-producing appliances
This is important to note, so you can save money on 220V plug adapters. For instance, coffee heaters, steamers, and heaters won’t require you to purchase a plug adapter. You can save your money for stuff such as coffee!

3. Some countries don’t use flat prong outlets
This can cause you problems when you’re ready to use the 220V plug adapter. In fact, some countries actually use a variety of different plug adapters. Make sure to do some research before you travel, to learn which types of adapters you’ll need when traveling abroad. 

4. Check if your product is dual voltage
Some electronic products actually have a range of voltages they can use, such as 100V-240V. In this case you won’t need to purchase a 220V plug adapter. However, never assume that your device is dual voltage—always check before you plug anything in. 

5. Converters are different than transformers
A 220V plug adapter is made to be used for short periods of time, and is OK for small electronic devices since they don’t need much power. 

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