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February 14 2017


Know About Where to Find an Affordable KitchenAid Mixer

If you love baking, then consider investing in a KitchenAid Mixer. It is a bit more expensive than other brands out there, but it truly gives you the quality that you pay for. This mixer is durable and is probably going to last until you have grown tired of baking—so it is going to save you a lot of money in the long run because you don’t have to buy a new mixer every so often. The KitchenAid mixer is user friendly and you can count on it for a lot of different recipes. It comes in a variety of colors like red, frosted pearl, silver, and black, and the mixers typically come along with a silver metallic bowl (with the exception of models in the Artisan series, which come with glass bowls). Different lines of KitchenAid mixer come with varying features, so it is a must that you check out your options prior to the purchase.

If you are already planning to buy one and are simply looking for the most affordable price, go to online stores. There are online retailers that are dedicated to selling 220 Volt appliances, and they carry a wide variety of KitchenAid Mixers. Online stores are great because they give you the liberty to compare their many products in a few clicks, right in the comfort of your own home.

The online store that you will buy from should be able to give you a low-price promise, and should be confident that they can meet and beat the price of other retailers. Choose a leading kitchen appliance retailer that will allow you to place your order online, or through phone, fax, and email. Of course, they should provide you with a safe payment method. You should be able to securely input your credit card information as well as be assured that your personal information is protected.

Source URL: http://www.blog.samstores.com/know-about-where-to-find-an-affordable-kitchenaid-mixer/

Efficient Ways to Maintain 220 Volt Small Appliances for Kitchen Aid

The daily task of running a busy kitchen is undeniably made easier by small kitchen appliances from some of the best brands in the world, including Kitchen Aid. Households and restaurants use all kinds of Kitchen Aid small appliances because they are no doubt helpful and practical. And while this brand is known for being more expensive than others, it is also more durable, thereby saving you a lot of money in the long run. High quality 220-volt Kitchen Aid small appliances can last for many years—even decades—with proper maintenance.

The first thing to remember when taking care of small kitchen appliances is that you must only use them for the purpose for which they were designed. Know what kinds of foods you can cook or prepare with them. In order to maintain their good condition, they also need to be cleaned well. You can use cotton, tissue, or toothpicks along with a spray cleaner in order to clean out the tiny pieces or crumbs of whatever ingredient that’s left in your 220-volt Kitchen Aid small appliances. Be careful though not to allow water to get into the electric parts. Using a moist towel (not dripping wet) is a good way to clean your appliances.

Also, it is important that you read the manuals that come with your 220-volt Kitchen Aid small appliances. They would tell you if there are specific directions you need to do in maintaining a certain appliance. Finally, regularly inspect your appliances for wear and tear. Look closely at the parts and at the cords. If any wires are exposed, stop using the appliance until it is repaired. Find replacements for the worn-out parts, and take the appliance to a professional if needed.

Small kitchen appliances are indeed helpful in making cooking easier. There are many online shops that sell 220-volt small kitchen appliances—and you will get the best selection and value from a recognized supplier. Make sure to find a shop that would be able to offer you Kitchen Aid small kitchen appliances at reasonable prices.

Source URL: http://www.blog.samstores.com/efficient-ways-to-maintain-220-volt-small-appliances-for-kitchen-aid/

Choosing the Best 220 Volt Coffee Maker to Suit Your Needs

A high-quality 220-volt coffee maker can be a great investment if you love coffee, but you need to make sure that you choose the right one that fits your needs. Factors like the quality, price, features, the build, and the brand matter, especially if you want a product that is durable and can serve you for many years. Once you find the right coffee maker, you should be able to enjoy as much fresh cups of coffee as you want, save time, money, and fuel by not going to coffee shops anymore, and make any type of coffee beverages that you love in the comfort of your home or office. Here are a few pointers for choosing the best 220-volt coffee maker:

•    Go over the types of coffee makers – The drip coffee maker is the most common coffee making appliance there is. It is easy to use, affordable, and lets you enjoy coffee made from your choice of grounds. However, it can only make standard coffee, and it can make a lot of it, which may be inconvenient if you are alone or you only drink one cup. The single-serve or one cup coffee maker can be an alternative to that. It makes coffee from specially manufactured pods, which typically come in many different flavors. However, the pods can become expensive in the long run, and their disposal may be problematic if you are concerned about the environment.

Another type of coffee maker is the espresso machine, which is ideal if you are serious about your brews and you want more versatility when it comes to adding more flavor to your creations. They come with fancy features, but they can be expensive, and they can make only small amounts of coffee at a time.

•    Quantity – When buying a 220-volt coffee maker for your home, consider the number of people who will be drinking coffee daily. Single-serve machines may become a hassle if there are more than three of you at home, making a basic coffee maker with a large vessel more ideal.

•    Special features – Some 220-volt coffee makers come with programmable settings, a built-in grinder, water filters, frothers and steamers, and auto shut-off.

Source URL: http://www.blog.samstores.com/choosing-the-best-220-volt-coffee-maker-to-suit-your-needs/

June 11 2015


Important Factors That Determine Step up Transformers

Transformers are electrical devices that can change the voltage of an AC (alternating current). A transformer that increases an electrical device's voltage is known as a step-up transformer. It can increase the voltage from primary to secondary. Transformers often consist of two coils wound around a soft iron coil, except the two are not connected to each other. The coils can be arranged on top of one another or wound on the iron core's separate limbs.

Once an alternating potential difference is available, the alternating current in the primary coil supplies a changing magnetic field surrounding it. As a result, an alternating current is induced in the secondary coil. On a step-up transformer, there are more turns on the secondary than on the primary coil. A secondary coil's induced voltage is higher than the applied voltage in the primary coil, resulting in a stepped-up voltage.

You need a step up transformer if you want to use a 220 volt appliance in a 110 volt region. A step up converter can be handy if you travel frequently between 220 volt and 110 volt regions. There are transformers that can function either as a step-up or step-down converter if you prefer a more versatile device for your electronics. A typical reversible transformer can be used worldwide with 60Hz and 50Hz. Step up and step down transformers range from 50 watts to 20,000 watts. Many transformers are also referred to as 'power converters' and they come with universal outlets, so they can be plugged in most foreign countries.

When buying a transformer, be sure that there is at least a 100 percent margin for power spikes or surges. Some items (like computer monitors and televisions) require a high power surge when switched on. Hence, these products may require a transformer that has at least three times the capacity of those items. Laser printers, microwaves, coffee makers, toasters, and fluorescent and halogen bulbs require a margin of four times. Consider buying a transformer with a higher rating than the listed watts on your electrical device.

Fix Your Hair Hassle-Free with 220 Volt Hair Dryer

Many things are worse than a bad hair day but having frizzy, unkempt hair can definitely ruin anyone's mood (especially a woman's). Having the proper hair care equipment can help lessen your frustration of not having perfect hair, right out of the shower. Below are some things you should remember when shopping for hair dryer:

Prong type (and adapter) – You want a hair dryer that is compatible with your electrical sockets at home (or one that fits most electrical sockets for travel). Because wall sockets are shaped variably in different parts of the world, it is best to invest in a universal travel adapter, which you can use for your electrical devices when traveling. The standard two-prong plug is widely used throughout the US, Canada, Caribbean, Mexico, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, and some areas of South America. Round two prong plugs are more common in continental Europe, but invest in three flat prongs when going to Britain, Singapore, or Ireland. 

Voltage – In the United States, electricity comes out of wall sockets at 110 volts, but average voltage rating for most of the rest of the world is at 220 volts. Many hair dryers have a switch converting its compatibility from one voltage rating to another. However, you can always buy an appropriate converter if your hair dryer doesn't operate the same way.

Portability (for travel), heat rating, and technology – Be sure to choose a unit that works best for your travel needs. Home hair dryers may not be as compact as foldable types that can be easily stuffed into carry-on bags or or suitcases. Find a model with even heat output, which ultimately helps reduce frizz, and choose tourmaline dryer over ionic ones for faster drying time and smoother and shinier results.


Commercial 220 Volt Washer for an Intensive Cleaning Process

Typical commercial washers require a lot of power to run, making them impractical for a business that needs to use them all the time. Commercial washers are typically used in businesses that deal with laundry, hospitality, and medicine. If you are looking for a way to reduce your energy bill without compromise on high-quality cleaning, you have the option to replace your existing washers with a commercial 220 volt washer.

There are 220 volt washers online and you can purchase them on a relatively modest budget. They make an excellent investment for your business when you consider the energy savings that they can provide. Many 220 volt commercial washers online are from the best brands like GE, White Westinghouse, Frigidaire, Toshiba, Whirlpool, and Panasonic. These washers are designed to handle large volumes of laundry and they can work efficiently and fast, while making sure that garments are intensively cleaned.

Commercial 220 volt washers are not common in the US, mostly because our appliances run on 110 volt power sources. US businesses used to buy 220 volt appliances from Europe and 220 volt countries, but now, there are reputable local distributors that can sell high-quality and reasonably priced 220 volt washers. One of the leading stores is recognized and listed by Dun and Bradstreet, so you can be sure that you are buying authentic and branded 220 volt commercial washers from a source that is recognized by known business authorities.

There are stores where you can order multiple units of commercial 220 volt washers and expect them to arrive within three to four days. This way, you can immediately replace 110 volt washers and use the more energy efficient 220 volt commercial washers. Many commercial 220 volt washers feature the latest technologies to ensure an efficient and intensive cleaning process, energy efficiency, ease of use, and the best value for your money.


220 Volt Hair Dryer for Quick and Easy Drying

Hair dryers are essential for those who have wildly unmanageable hair, but more than avoiding constant bad hair days and allowing you to experiment with various hairstyles, these practical bathroom staples offer the advantage of quick and easy hair drying, saving you a great deal of time whenever prepping yourself up. 

Speeding up the hair drying process is one of the most obvious advantages of using a hair blower. Air drying your hair can take a very long time, especially when you have a particularly thick head of hair. Blow drying your hair leaves you more time to do more important things as you get ready for the day and before you go out of the house. 

Hair dryers also come with a wide array of attachments that can help you speed up the process even more and help you find more ways to style and dry your hair. Diffusers give curly hair more definition, while picks give hair more volume. Concentrators on the other hand, help focus the air flow, leaving hair smoother and straighter. 

One particular type of hair dryer, the ionic hair dryer, offers you an inventive way of drying hair faster, without the usual damage to the follicles often associated with constant blow drying. Ionic hair dryers dry the hair by producing negatively charged ions, which helps retain moisture in the hair by reducing the size of water droplets instead of drying the hair out. The effect is a well-conditioned hair. This helps keep your hair healthier than traditional blow dryers and retain the smooth and shiny look you always want. Despite the advanced technology, ionic hair dryers are not necessarily more expensive than traditional or basic hair dryer models. You can even find hair dryers with additional settings and attachments for cheap.

June 08 2015


High End 220 Volt Small Kitchen Appliances

Small kitchen appliances have made it easier to prepare and make certain types of food. Whether you are stocking up on kitchen essentials or you are setting up your home's kitchen for the first time, having specific appliances for a small kitchen can make a difference in your productivity and ability to whip up fantastic dishes in your kitchen. You do not need to buy all the small kitchen appliances that you see online. In most cases, you only need the most essential 220 volt small kitchen appliances.

It’s always a good idea to get a hand-held or a standalone electric mixer, which will make your life easier and allow you to process food faster. Consider a stand electric mixer if you like to bake a lot. Black & Decker, Braun, Kenwood, Frigidaire, and Oster make some of the best hand-held and stand mixers. 

A versatile blender is another essential small kitchen appliance. Be sure to choose a powerful countertop option that can multi-task and make anything from smoothies to sauces, and shakes. If you prefer basic equipment, try a lightweight and small immersion blender, this can help you make puree, applesauce and even whipped cream.

You might also need a toaster oven or a two-slot toaster. A toaster is convenient if you simply want to toast bread, but if you want something more versatile that you can roast and bake, then consider a toaster oven. Next, you can invest on a high-quality 220 volt microwave, which can help you reheat food or cook certain dishes in a jiffy.

If you’re a serious home cook, your kitchen may need a 220 volt 11-cup or three-cup capacity food processor, too. The size should depend on how you intend to use it. A smaller food processor will suffice if you only need it for pesto, sauces, dips, salsa, chopped mixes, and purees. But go for a larger version if you need to chop vegetables.

May 13 2015


Codefree Dvd Player At Samstores

Choose from the wide range of speakers, accessories, LCD television, video game accessories, mp3 player accessories and other audio components from Samstores. You can easily compile a complete home video system at their online store.

Region Free Dvd Recorder At Samstores

At  Samstores you will get varied sizes and volts range of region free Bluray DVD players so the choice is always yours. All of them would differ in terms of their features and price range so it is advised that you purchase a DVD player that suits your needs and budget.

Multi System Vcr At Samstores

Looking for multi system vcr? Well, look no further! With Samstores you can enjoy great video playback and easy recording programmability with the 6-head multi system VCR, which features a quick drive system and an in-built Nicam stereo decoder.

Region Free Portable Dvd Player At Samstores

Buy region free portable dvd player from Samstores at the lowest prices. It is a recognized leader in the market of consumer electronics and consumer electronic accessories.  The online store is number one in video players and sells the top brands in almost every category of products.

Region Free Blu Ray At Samstores

Get region freeBlu Ray discs from Samstores! These are designed with the purpose to compete with the existing DVD format. The huge storage capacity and encoding methods endow them a higher quality of audio and video playback. They are known for its premium quality products and services.

Automatic Voltage Regulator At Samstores

Buy an automatic voltage regulator from Sam Stores and you will get it at an amazingly reasonable price. They delivers quality products that are used for various kinds of functions and various specifications.

Multisystem Dvd Vcr Combo At Samstores

At Samstores, Buy multisystem dvd vcr combo! Choose from their range of Region Free DVD Players & Region Free Blu-ray Players that let you enjoy watching all your favorite DVDs from any region in the world; Home Theater Systems, Multi-System TV's, PAL to NTCS and NTSC to PAL Video Converters, Voltage Converters & Transformers, PAL Camcorders, Unlocked GSM Phones, and much more.

Multisystem Led Tv - Samstores

At TDot Performance, find multisystem led tv and much more! They Can Meet and Beat Price, you are sure to get the best prices and the best online shopping experience every time. No matter if you need a simple electronic component or an elaborate electronic product; with their services you can make an easy and convenient purchase from the comfort of your home.

Multisystem Lcd Tv At Samstores

If you are enthusiastic to capitalize your hard-earned money on a valued option, then multisystem LCD TVs are a grand choice. Order Multisystem Lcd Tv from Samstores, they make sure that all your products are delivered to you safely without any damage. So, do not delay, place your order today and enjoy the high quality video and sound at your place.

Multisystem Smart Tv At Samstores

Samstores offer  a latest range of consumer durable products including  Multisystem TV including major brands like Samsung, Toshiba, LG, Sony which are the best choice for customersA Multi-system TV is proficient enough in receiving and displaying different video systems such as PAL, SECAM and NTSC.

Important Tips to Use 220 Volt Plug Adapter

 A 220 volt plug adapter might be needed when you travel outside the U.S./Canada. Here are some helpful tips for using them:

1. Check the hertz of your device
Before converting your electronic device from 110V to 220V, check the frequency (hertz) of it. You might have to choose an adapter that works on various frequencies. If you don’t do that than your electronic device could work slower.

2. Converters are not needed for heat-producing appliances
This is important to note, so you can save money on 220V plug adapters. For instance, coffee heaters, steamers, and heaters won’t require you to purchase a plug adapter. You can save your money for stuff such as coffee!

3. Some countries don’t use flat prong outlets
This can cause you problems when you’re ready to use the 220V plug adapter. In fact, some countries actually use a variety of different plug adapters. Make sure to do some research before you travel, to learn which types of adapters you’ll need when traveling abroad. 

4. Check if your product is dual voltage
Some electronic products actually have a range of voltages they can use, such as 100V-240V. In this case you won’t need to purchase a 220V plug adapter. However, never assume that your device is dual voltage—always check before you plug anything in. 

5. Converters are different than transformers
A 220V plug adapter is made to be used for short periods of time, and is OK for small electronic devices since they don’t need much power. 

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