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Fix Your Hair Hassle-Free with 220 Volt Hair Dryer

Many things are worse than a bad hair day but having frizzy, unkempt hair can definitely ruin anyone's mood (especially a woman's). Having the proper hair care equipment can help lessen your frustration of not having perfect hair, right out of the shower. Below are some things you should remember when shopping for hair dryer:

Prong type (and adapter) – You want a hair dryer that is compatible with your electrical sockets at home (or one that fits most electrical sockets for travel). Because wall sockets are shaped variably in different parts of the world, it is best to invest in a universal travel adapter, which you can use for your electrical devices when traveling. The standard two-prong plug is widely used throughout the US, Canada, Caribbean, Mexico, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, and some areas of South America. Round two prong plugs are more common in continental Europe, but invest in three flat prongs when going to Britain, Singapore, or Ireland. 

Voltage – In the United States, electricity comes out of wall sockets at 110 volts, but average voltage rating for most of the rest of the world is at 220 volts. Many hair dryers have a switch converting its compatibility from one voltage rating to another. However, you can always buy an appropriate converter if your hair dryer doesn't operate the same way.

Portability (for travel), heat rating, and technology – Be sure to choose a unit that works best for your travel needs. Home hair dryers may not be as compact as foldable types that can be easily stuffed into carry-on bags or or suitcases. Find a model with even heat output, which ultimately helps reduce frizz, and choose tourmaline dryer over ionic ones for faster drying time and smoother and shinier results.

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